Replacing abbreviations via Python and regular expressions

When gambling around with NLP and text corpora in Python, I frequently face simple abbreviations like “z.B.”, the german equivalent of “i.e.”, which I sometimes want to expand. This is a handy (german) utility-method expanding the defined abbrevations, via regular

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Virtual Environments, Python and Sublime 3

A simple Sublime 3-project file in order to run the currently opened script in a previously initialized virtual environment, in a linux environment: { "build_systems": [ { "name": "Run active script in Virtual Environment", "selector": "source.python", "shell_cmd": "source bin/activate &&

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Sublime 3 projects: jshint me that

Getting your Sublime 3/SublimeLinter/SublimeLinter-jshint-combination to apply your (project) specific jshintrc-configuration… don’t forget to edit the executable’s path: { "folders": [ { "path": ".", "follow_symlinks": true } ], "settings": { "tab_size": 2, "SublimeLinter.linters.eslint.disable": true, "SublimeLinter.linters.jshint.disable": false, "SublimeLinter.linters.jshint.executable": [ "/your/specific/path/to/jshint" ], "SublimeLinter.linters.jshint.args":

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Go away, Caps Lock

On my german keyboard, I prefer to remap my Capslock-key to AltGr instead, allowing me to enter coding-related characters like ‘{‘, ‘}’, ‘[‘ and ‘]’ using two hands instead of one. In my linux-based OSes and distributions like Arch Linux,

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Mal wieder Mukke

Nach längerem Mal wieder einen Track rausgehauen… Rap im Stile von Electronic Beat.

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Leonard Nimoy alias Spock gestorben

Leonard Nimoy ist im Alter von knapp 83 Jahren einer Lungenkrankheit erlegen. Er war ein vielseitiger, und vielschichtiger, Mensch, der 1966 erstmals als “Spock” in der Fernsehserie “Raumschiff Enterprise” auftrat. Er wurde just angesprochene Rolle Zeitlebens nicht mehr los, und

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Artwork added

Today, I added two new pieces, both brand-related works: the “tiny tot”, some digital native, which prefers internet over trousers, and the wake-boarder both realized using Inkscape, reducing myself to three entries in the color-palette: black, white and blue. Hope

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Understanding JavaScript’s scopes

Sometimes, I see odd JavaScript-code, like this:

// declares var "i":
for (var i=0; i<2; i++) {
    // ...
// redeclares var "i":
for (var i=0; i<2; i++) {
    alert("I don't understand JavaScript's scopes");

The author of this code (obviously) didn’t really understand JavaScript’s scoping rules.

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New webpage finally online

Yes. Finally. Hope you like it.

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