About me

avatarWell, not really much interesting about me. I’m Tobias Bonnke, also known as “Danny Oneway” and “waterhead”, some guy from germany. The past gave me the pseudonyms I’m associated with, which I actually got when Atari ST and Commodore Amiga had their glory days, and the demo scene was a pool of wild ideas.

You can think of me being one of the many “first-generation-computer-kids”, who grew up with the first available “home computers”, in my case an Atari 800, later followed by many other computers, PCs and further Ataris, like the ST, Mega ST, TT and Falcon.

Today, I nearly spent three decades in front of computers – in job and spare time, and I still love to fiddle with them. For me, they can hardly lose their fascination, due to constant development and technical progress. Developing software and related consulting is my job.

You won’t find me on any social-exhibitionism-platform, like facebook. I simply don’t like them. So, this is the only place you might find some more or less up-to-date information about me.

We, namely my wife and me, as well as our two dogs, are living in a small village, about 20km from Würzburg, in Lower Frankonia, Germany.

In my spare time, when doing computer-related stuff, I might fool around with, for example:

Yes, also have some hobbies not involving a computer:

  • mathematics, physics and astronomy
  • reading and writing
  • bass-guitar and electric-guitar playing
  • music- and composition-theory
  • drawing and painting, for example with oil colours or wax crayon

Nuff said.